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Modular InfoTech then ventured into multilingual database products and the range of Database products includes Arthalekha-A financial accounting package, Vetan Pranali-Payroll management system, and Vidyarthi-School/College management package. All the three packages have been developed using Shree-Lipi Samhita.          Internet has become has a significant medium of interaction, information and entertainment and hence the development of applications for Internet is on the rise. Most of the Internet developers are already viewing Indian languages as a lucrative business as majority of the Indian population understand and communicate in their own regional language and not English.

WebSamhita is the Internet version of Shree-Lipi Samhita that aids development of Indian language applications for Internet. Using WebSamhita it is possible to develop Mail Servers, Chat Servers, Calendars, Message Boards, Discussion Forums and e-Commerce applications.

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